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Eddie Lopez started at an early age learning ballroom dancing in NY at the Roseland Ballroom and Latin dancing at the Palladium Night Club in the late 1950’s. He managed an Arthur Murray Studio in Mexico City until 1963.

Upon his return to Houston, Eddie continued ballroom dancing and taught at Dance City USA owned by George Ballas. The Ballas family are quite well known in the dancing world.

He opened and operated a Fred Astaire studio before opening a chain of Country Western Studios. In the 1980’s, Eddie created the country western dance standards which are being taught worldwide. Thousands of Houstonians learned how to dance country western based upon these standards.

He currently owns and operates Exclusive Dance Club where Ballroom, Country Western, West Coast swing and Salsa are taught. He has developed a system of teaching dancing where you can learn to dance in a few weeks instead of months or years.


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Lessons & Social Dances

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing is the most popular type of dance in the world. Whether you dance foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, rumba or tango it requires smoothness, good posture, & style.

Country Western

In Texas, Country Western dancing is a must. Two-step, polka, waltz, cha cha, nightclub 2 step, swing & line dancing are popular at all country western clubs. CW is some of the most popular & energetic dancing. It builds your confidence and you’ll have the time of your life.

West Coast Swing

West Coast swing can be danced to all types of music whether it’s pop, blues, R&B or any other 8 count rhythm. It’s popular with people of all ages. It’s smooth and very stylish. You can add as much flare as you like to create your own style.


One of the hottest new rhythms to hit this country in the last twenty years. It’s fast footwork and fluid movements include spins and lots of hip action. It’s especially popular with people of all ages. It will improve your stamina. It’s a dance that can be with a partner or free style.

Additional Services Provided

Ballroom rental for private parties (weddings, Sweet 16, Quinceaneras, birthdays, or other special occasions).